Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Military Homecoming - Welcome Home CPT Meling!!!

I have to start out by saying a massive THANK YOU to all military members! There is no way I could say it enough for all you do and all you sacrifice. And a huge THANK YOU to their families who are holding down the home front and supporting the troops. I think their sacrifice is often overlooked. 

I have always dreamed of experiencing a military homecoming, so when Tricia first contacted me back in May I knew I HAD to be part of this amazing day. Shaun left his family when baby Grayson was just 6 weeks old and was gone for 11 months. I can't imagine not being around to watch these beautiful babies grow. It's heartbreaking to think about.

We started out with a few pictures of the boys in front of their home. How cute are they?? On the way to the airport I kept thinking about the events to come and I may have shed a few tears. Yes, I am a very emotional person (I cry at every wedding I photograph) but this was so much more special than the silly things that usually make me cry. When we got to the hanger the whole room was buzzing with anticipation. Nolan, Liam and Grayson were such great little troopers hanging out and waiting for Daddy. 

When the moment finally arrived the cheers were overwhelming. There is no way these men and women didn't know they were greatly missed. Seeing the way Shaun hugged his family for the first time was one of the coolest things I've ever witnessed. I hope the pictures relay even a fraction of the emotion I know they all felt. 

I know Tricia, Nolan, Liam and Grayson are ecstatic to have you safe and sound!